CSR Activities at Kuraray Group

CSR Activity Target and Materialities of Kuraray Group

Activity Item Target Material Items Boundary*1 Selected Aspects
Management Medium-term management plan "GS-STEP" (2015 to 2017)
  • Deepening of core businesses
  • Technological innovation
  • Creation of next-generation growth models
  • Optimum allocation of management resources
Economic performance
Products and services
Inside and outside organization Kuraray Group operates value-creation activities in accordance with medium-term management plan "GS-STEP" as our compass. Values will be provided to many stakeholders through technological innovation and fostering of next-generation growth businesses.
Safety Process Safety, and Disaster Prevention
  • Measures to prevent process accidents
  • Transfer of operational skills and techiniques from experienced persons to unexperienced persons (Know-Why activities) and sustainable continuation
  • Comprehensive understanding of risks and steady implementation of measures
Process Safety, and Disaster Prevention
Logistics Safety
Chemicals and products safety
Safety and health for customers
Labeling of products and services
Inside and outside organization We place an emphasis on process safety and disaster prevention, and carry out thorough safety management in manufacturing process, logistics and other phases of business operations. Customer safety is safeguarded by ensuring product safety. Accident-free workplace is made by enhancing safety awareness of employees. A consistent effort is made to conduct drills for workplace accidents and disasters and to share information on cases of accidents and disasters for prevention of them.
Occupational Safety
  • Enhancement of safety awareness of individual persons
  • Global deployment of safety activity management
Inside organization
Environment Global warming prevention Japan:
Greenhouse gas emissions
[Environmental efficiency]
Improvement by 40%compared with Fiscal 2010 (Target year 2020)
Energy consumption
[Environmental efficiency]
Improvement by 10% compared with Fiscal 2010 (Target year 2020)
Products and services
Inside and outside organization We will provide products and services that reduce CO2 emissions in net total based on energy consumption and LCA, in order to realize a low-carbon society.
Effective Utilization of Water Resources Overseas:
Water consumption
[Environmental efficiency]
Improvement by 10% compared with Fiscal 2010 (Target year 2020)
Water sources in region Inside organization We will take necessary steps taking into consideration actual situations in areas of our business operations in light of importance of ensuring water resources as a global concern and impacts on regional communities from which water is taken.
Management of chemical substance emission Japan:
Emission of PRTR chemical substances designated by the Japan Chemical Industry Association
[Environmental efficiency]
Improvement by 100% compared with Fiscal 2010 (Target year 2020)
Emission into atmosphere Inside and outside organization We are reducing emissions by changing raw materials and by refining its manufacturing process in view of environmental impact caused by emission of PRTR substances into atmosphere.
Effective Utilization of Waste Japan and Overseas:
Amount of waste generated
[Environmental efficiency]
Improvement by 10% compared with Fiscal 2010 (Target year 2020)
Wastewater and waste
Raw materials
Inside organization We will contribute to realizing a recycling society through effective utilization of raw materials, optimal selection of raw materials that can be recycled and reduction of wastewater and waste from raw materials.
Environmental Accounting   Environment in general Inside organization We will manage our activities to reduce environmental load caused by our business activities and to conserve environment, by introducing an accounting management system where preventive measures can be taken on such activities.
Workplaces Personnel policy allowing employees to feel work is worth accomplishing Providing growth opportunities to employees Training and education Inside organization We are providing education and training to our employees for gaining knowledge and skills needed in their work, to support career formation, in which employees feel worth of working, and to provide global growth opportunities.
Diversity, work-life balance
  • Promotion of active participation by female employees
  • Refined working style
  • Minimizing unused annual paid vacation
Diversity and equal opportunity
Inside organization We will create a workplace environment with a good work-life balance and in which employees can work comfortably, in addition to achieving diverse working styles and employment.
Healthy Management of Mind and Body Continuation and boosting of mental health measures and measures against lifestyle-related diseases Occupational safety and health Inside organization We will create workplaces that are considerate to occupational safety and health while taking steps to ensure health management such as upkeep of good physical condition of employees and mental health care.
Society Contribution in Cultural, Academic, Environmental and Social Welfare Fields Implementation of following activities:
  • “Sending School Backpacks Across the Sea”
  • “Chemistry Classes for Boys and Girls”
  • Operation of work facilities for people with intellectual disability
  • “Kuraray Fureai Fund”
  • Activity with emphasis on link to local community
Local community Inside and outside organization We will contribute to local communities and human resource development by the way unique to Kuraray with a focus on culture, arts and sciences, environment and social welfare.
  • *1◎ Inside and outside organization, ○ Inside organization