CSR Activities at Kuraray Group

Solving Social Problems with Original Technology

Social problems recognized by Kuraray Group

Kuraray has established large scale production technology for poval, a water-soluble synthetic resin, and has succeeded in industrializing synthetic fiber vinylon for the first time in the world using poval as a raw material. The research results obtained in developing this industrialization process now serve as a foundation of Kuraray’s original technology, providing motive power to create a series of products that support Kuraray’s core business.
Beginning Fiscal 2015, Kuraray has launched a new 3-year plan “GS-STEP” and will be propelling five management strategies (1) Deepening of core businesses, (2) Technological innovation, (3) Next-generation growth models, (4) Optimal allocation of management resources and (5) Environmental contribution. The measures implemented in Fiscal 2015 include a decision to strengthen the production capacities for EVAL and optical poval films, development of new process technology for vinylon, acquisition of Plantic Technologies Limited of Australia and integration of vinyl acetate related business from Du Pont.
Kuraray is committed to continuously implementing “GS-STEP” steadily and solving social problems, in order to accomplish our mission “For people and the planet - to achieve what no one else can.”