2000 President Yasuaki Wakui took office.
Commercialized new water soluble resin EXCEVAL (Okayama).
Capital participation in Lorica Sud S.r.l., an Italian man-made leather processing and sales company.

Finalizing the aquisition of Clariant's PVA-related operations

Commercialized PVA gel (Saijo).
Established Kuraflex Ibaraki Co., Ltd. jointly with Fukuyo Ibaraki Co., Ltd. and Pigeon Corporation.
Acquired the PVA-related operations of Clariant AG and transferred them to newly established manufacturing and sales firm Kuraray Specialities Europe of Frankfurt, Germany.
Established Kuraray Medical Inc.


SEPTON Company of America

Established Shanghai Office.
Adopted In-house Company System.
SEPTON Company of America commenced SEPTON manufacturing.

2003 Adopted Executive Officer System.
Management Advisory Committee established.
CSR Committee established. (Corporate Ethics Committee, and Philanthrophy and Ecology Committee were reorganized)
2004 Kuraray Research and Technical Center U.S.A. commences operations.
Acquired the polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film business of HT Troplast AG, a company based in Germany.
Activities commenced under the umbrella of Kuraray Specialties Europe GmbH.
2005 Acquired the VECTRAN high-performance polyarylate fibers business of U.S.-based Celanese Advanced Materials Inc. Operations commence as a division of Kuraray America Inc.
2006 Kuraray Europe GmbH has absorbed Kuraray Specialities Europe GmbH
2008 Kuraray America,Inc merges with Eval Company of America and SEPTON Company of America.
All outstanding shares of POVAL ASIA PTE LTD acquired and company made a subsidiary
President Fumio Ito took office.
2011 Started production KURARITY (acrylic thermoplastic elastomer) at Niigata Plant.
2012 Acquired industrial Poval film business of MonoSol, LLC.
2014 Complete Acquisition of Glass Laminating Solutions/Vinyls from DuPont
2015 President Masaaki Ito took office
Acquired Plantic Technologies Limited, which is engaged in the bio-based barrier film business