Food packaging products using EVAL

President Taichi Ueno took office.
Completed EVAL bi-axially oriented film plant (Okayama).

1983 Commercialized vinylon staple for cement reinforcement.
Established Eval Company of America jointly with Northern Petrochemical Company of the U.S. (became wholly-owned subsidiary in 1991).
1984 Established Techno Soft Co., Ltd.
Haru-Kuraray GmbH, a man-made leather sales company, established in Germany jointly with Marubeni Corp. and Ha-ru GmbH.

contact lense

Commercialized soft contact lenses (Kurashiki).
President Hisao Nakamura took office.

1986 Clarino America Corporation, a man-made leather sales company, established in the U.S. jointly with Marubeni Corp. (absorbed into Kuraray America, Inc. in 2001).
Established Kuraray Family Products Co., Ltd. and Kuraray Travel Service Corporation.
Commercialized optical disks (Kashima: halted in 2003).
Commercialized diols (Kashima).
Eval Company of America began manufacturing EVAL in the U.S.
1987 Provided 1,4- butandiol manufacturing technology to Arco Chemical Company of the U.S.

MAGIC TAPE products

Central Research Laboratory Tsukuba Office established.
Commercialized opto-screens (lenticular lens) (Nakajo).
Securir Co., Ltd. established (absorbed into Techno Soft in 2001).
Hook and loop fastener manufacturing transferred to Magic Tape Co., Ltd.

1989 Commercialized melt blown non-woven fabrics (Kurashiki: transferred to Saijo in 1995).