Vinylon plant in the PRC

Nippon Velcro established (capital participation in 1964, absorbed into Kuraray in 1984).
Commercialized hook and loop fastener MAGIC TAPE:
Nippon Velcro commenced production of MAGIC TAPE.
Commercialized vinylon filament (Okayama).

1961 Commericialized poval film (Kurashiki: halted in 1969).
Osaka Goseihin Co., Ltd. (now Kuraray Trading Co., Ltd.) established.
1962 Started production of poval using the natural gas method at the Nakajo Plant.
Production of poval film began (Saijo).
1963 Began using Company trademark.
Exported integrated poval and vinylon manufacturing plant to the PRC.
Established representative office in New York (transferred to Kuraray America, Inc. in 1996).

An exhibition for CLARINO

Commercialized polyester staple (Tamashima).
Established Kuraray Fudosan Co., Ltd.
Established Hokkaido Mingei Mokko (now Kuraray Interior Co., Ltd.).
Commercialized CLARINO (Kurashiki: moved to Okayama in 1966).
Established Kyosei Chemical Co., Ltd.

1965 Established representative office in Hamburg, West Germany (moved to Düsseldorf in 1968).
1966 Completed plant for mass-producing CLARINO (Okayama).
1968 Established Niigata Kasei Co., Ltd. (now Kuraray Niigata Kasei Co., Ltd.).
Established Central Research Laboratory (now Kurashiki Research Laboratories, and Advanced and Basic Technology Research Laboratories).
President Jou Sengoku took office.
Started production of vinyl acetate and poval using the ethylene method (Okayama).

A publicity of polyester

Commercialized ethylene-vinyl acdetate copolymer emulsion.
Commercialized polyester filament (Saijo).