Poval Resin Division / Poval Film Division


The Company's core resin and film business, centering on poval, poval film, and related businesses, is global in nature. It provides products to a variety of industries, including the information media, chemical, automotive, and IT-related sectors. The Company's offerings are world-class in terms of function, quality, and service.


1950 Production of poval commences (in the form of the raw material vinylon)
1954 Production and sale of poval film commences
1958 Sales of poval commences
1969 Production of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion commences
1998 Singapore sales company, Kuraray Specialities Asia Pte., Ltd., established
1999 Operations commence at Singapore production company, POVAL ASIA PTE LTD, formed through a joint venture between Kuraray and Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
2000 Full-scale production of EXCEVAL commences
2001 Acquired and began operating the PVA,PVB businesses of Clariant AG (Kuraray Specialities Europe GmbH)
2004 Acquired and began operating the PVB film business of HT Troplast AG (Kuraray Specialities Europe GmbH)
2006 Kuraray europe Gmbh merges with Kuraray Specialities Europe GmbH
2008 All outstanding shares of POVAL ASIA PTE LTD acquired and company made a subsididiary
2012 Acquired MonoSol, LLC, which is engaged in the industrial PVA film business
2014 Acquired glass laminating solutions/vinyls business of E.L. du Pont de Nemours and Comapny

Scope of Operations

Production bases
and capacity
Poval resin Japan
(Okayama / Niigata plant) : 124,000t/year
(Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte.,Ltd.): 40,000t/year
(Kuraray Europe GmbH) : 94,000t/year
(Kuraray America Inc.) : 103,000t/year
Total capacity : 361,000t (No.1 in the world)
Optical-use film Japan
(Kurashiki plant) : 100 million m²/year
(Saijo plant) : 132 million m²/year
Market Share Poval resin (excluding China) 40% (No.1 in the world)
Optical-use film 80% (No. 1 in the world)

Challenges and Strategies

As the world's top manufacturer of poval resin, Kuraray is proactively developing its business worldwide. It responds to the diverse needs of customers as a solutions provider by proposing products that anticipate demand with regard to function, quality, and service. By reinforcing the quality and supply capacity of optical-use poval film, the Company will provide a stable supply for use in polarized film used in liquid crystal displays, where demand is growing rapidly on a global scale.

Core Products

Main Brands
  • POVAL Poval resin(PVA resin)
  • MOWIOL (poval resin sold by Kuraray Specialities Europe GmbH)
  • EXCEVAL (new water-soluble resin)
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion
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