Methacrylate Division


The Methacrylate Company handles materials ranging from methyl methacrylate monomer to methacrylic resin (molding material, sheets), methacrylic synthetic marble, stamped product.
Through the application of proprietary stamper technology, we have won a large share of the market for LCD backlighting device light-guide plates.
The products that Kuraray supplies to domestic and overseas consumer electrical appliance and IT media manufacturers enjoy a high reputation.

1) Methyl methacrylate (MMA) monomer

Kuraray's methacrylic resin business is fully integrated from upstream operations to downstream, and encompasses the manufacturing and sale of MMA monomer as a raw material in the production of resins.

MMA monomer is used in methacrylic resin molding materials and sheets, paints, and paper coatings, and has in recent years found a broad range of applications as a raw material in plastics, such as ABS and MS resins for optical applications.

2) Methacrylic resin molding material

Kuraray's methacrylic resin molding material has excellent transparency and weather resistance, and so is used in such fields as optical parts, vehicle parts, and light electrical appliances.
The world's first flexible acrylic, this material displays excellent workability. The number of fields in which it is applied is expanding rapidly, and now includes films, contour extrusion, and injection molding.

Recently sales of light-guide plates for LCD backlight conductors and other optical goods have expanded rapidly on the strength of the proprietary microfabrication, precision transcription, and materials particle control technology developed in our laser disk operations.

3) Methacrylic resin sheets (sheets and laminated materials)

Kuraray's cast sheets and COMOGLAS extruded sheets, produced using its own monomers and integrated manufacturing system, are noted for their beautiful colors and finishes. They are used in a wide spectrum of products.

The elegant appearance of the Company's NOBLE LITE synthetic marble, manufactured using casting technology, makes it a popular choice for counters in kitchens and shops.
Kuraray's KYOWAGLAS-XA acrylic radiation shielding sheets play an important role in medical facilities and nuclear power stations.

4) Stampers

As the masters used in the production of CDs and DVDs, stampers incorporate Kuraray's precision polymer processing technologies accumulated in the development of the laser disc. Stampers were initially used solely for the in-house production of laser discs, but are now sold to media manufacturers as an essential component in the production of CDs and DVDs.


1958 Kyowa Gas Chemical Co., Ltd. established to manufacture chemical products using the natural gas produced in northern Niigata Prefecture as its raw material.
1959 Production of methyl methacrylate began.
1960 Production of cast sheets commenced. Facilities for manufacturing extruded sheets COMOGLAS and molding materials subsequently constructed.
1986 Commenced optical disk manufacturing (: halted in 2003)
1988 Commenced Opto-screen manufacturing (: halted in 2006)
1989 Merger of Kuraray Co., Ltd. and Kyowa Gas Chemical Co., Ltd.
1994 Commenced external sales of stampers
2004 2004 Kuraray Methacrylate (Zhang Jia Gang) Co., Ltd. established in April to manufacture and sell cast methacrylic resin sheets in China.

Scope of Operations

Location Niigata Plant
Kashima Plant(Stampers)
Kuraray Methacrylate Zhang Jia Gang Plant
Capacity Methyl methacrylate monomer : 67,000t/year
Diluents : 44,000t/year
Cast sheets : 3,000t/year
Extruded sheets : 33,600t/year

Issues and Objectives

Kuraray is seeking to develop and expand sales of optical products that employ the transparency and weather resistance of methacrylic resin in liquid crystal displays and other devices.

Kuraray is seeking to expand these operations through the development of new products using the strength in optical design technology and high-precision processing technology gained in its Opto-screen and laser disc operations.

Core Products

Main Brands
  • Methacrylic resin for molding
  • Methacrylic synthetic marble
  • Methacrylic resin sheets
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