Genestar Division


The Genester Division plans to play a key role in the electronic information field and is promoting and expanding projects accordingly.

To promote the expansion of our operations in the automotive field, an Electronic and Electrical Materials Group and an Automotive Materials Group will be established within the Sales Department.

Scope of Operations

Saijo Plant 4,000t/year
Kashima Plant 9,000t/year

Challenges and Strategies

GENESTAR (heat-resistant polyamide resin)
GENESTAR was developed by combining Kuraray's long-accumulated polymer technology with its synthetic technology. The latter includes a technology for commercializing oxo reactions and butadiene hydrodimerization using new catalysts, which received a prize from the Chemical Society of Japan. Recently, polyamide resins have earned high acclaim for use in electronic and electrical parts, where heat resistance is becoming increasingly important, as well as in automotive parts, where their abrasion resistance plays a key role. They are also regarded as having great potential as raw materials for use in fibers. The Division is building a sizeable business to capitalize on the future potential of this product.

Core Products

Main Brand
  • GENESTAR (High-resistant polyamide resin)
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