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EVAL provides excellent barrier properties against the permeation of gasese, superior to those of any other plastics. Because it shuts out oxygen, thereby protecting contents of a container against deterioration or degradation, it has a wide range of applications. For example, it is used in packaging of mayonnaise, ketchup, and other foods available in retort pouches, as well as for cosmetics and pharmaceutical product containers. We are developing new demand, including for EVAL automotive plastic fuel tanks, which prevent leakage of harmful hydrocarbons given off by gasoline.

Besides its use as a packaging material for such foods as processed meat and fish, EVAL film is also being developed for use in wall coverings, taking advantage of its dirt-resistant properties.

The Kuraray Group, which claims the largest market share in the world for EVAL, boasts an annual production capacity of around 81,000 tons. It is also committing resources to the development of new applications in addition to food packaging.

Scope of Operations

Production Bases
and Capacity
EVAL resin
Japan(Okayama Plant) :
U.S.A(Kuraray America, Inc.):
Belgium (EVAL Europe N.V.) :
Market Share 65% (No. 1 in the world)

Challenges and Strategies

Focusing its resources on product development on a global scale, the EVAL Division is raising the quality of its products even higher. In the process, we intend to maintain our market dominance and hone our competitive position. By developing "super-barrier" materials that are even more effective than EVAL, we also aim to become the leading manufacturer of barrier materials in the world.

Core Products

Main Brands
  • EVAL, EVOH resin and film
  • KURARISTER New type of gas barrier film
  • KURARISTER New type of gas barrier film
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