Elastomer Division


Continuous and vigorous global marketing of
high-performance elastomers.


Kuraray was launched into the elastomer business in 1972 when the Kashima Plant began commercial manufacturing of isoprene rubber, and has since gone on to develop various elastomers and polymers. The Company has played a role in the isoprene rubber industry for 30 years, and today manufactures and markets core products SEPTON and HYBRAR (a hydrogenated styrenic elastomer), liquid isoprene rubber, TP (a special isoprene resin), and ISOBAN (used in adhesives and dispersing agents). In September 2002 U.S. manufacturing and sales subsidiary Kuraray America,inc. (formerly:SEPTON Company of America) became our second SEPTON production facility.

In January 2004 Kuraray announced the development of the SEPTON V Series. This revolutionary new product greatly improves the heat resistance of styrenic thermoplastic elastomers, which had been a weak point.

Scope of Operations

Manufacturing facilities
and production capacity
SEPTON Japan (Kashima Plant) :23,000tons per year
Overseas (Kuraray America,inc.):18,000tons per year
Liquid rubber Kashima Plant: 6,000tons per year

Challenges and Strategies

The Company plans to make use of the special characteristics of functional elastomers such as SEPTON, HYBRAR, and liquid isoprene rubber to build a presence in global markets, and on that basis to increase profitability and expand the elastomer business.

Core Products

Main Brands
  • SEPTON Styrenic thermoplastic elastomer
  • HYBRAR Styrenic thermoplastic elastomer
  • Liquid isoprene rubber (LIR)
  • ISOBAM Isobutylene polymer
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