Clarino Division


Increasing customer satisfaction by using pioneering technologies to create high-quality products.

CLARINO is a man-made leather that, thanks to innovative R&D on new fibers, possesses the same qualities as natural leather.

We commenced our CLARINO business in 1964, with annual production of 600,000 square meters. After a series of subsequent expansions, the Okayama Plant has an annual capacity of 15.5 million square meters, and Hexin Kuraray Micro Fiber Leather (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. in China has an annual capacity of 15.0 milion square meters in China. Initially used as leather for shoes, CLARINO now has a wide variety of applications, ranging from handbags, schoolbags and sporting goods (balls and gloves) through to apparel and interior furnishings, where it is used as an alternative to natural leather.

Scope of Operations

Okayama Plant 15.5 million m²
Hexin Kuraray Micro Fiber Leather (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. 15.0 million m²

Challenges and Strategies

As the world's leading manufacturer of man-made leather, we are committed to making useful products and delivering functions and services required by our customers. The Clarino Company is pursuing the following strategies in order to expand overall demand for CLARINO man-made leather.

  • 1. Enhance services to customers by establishing sales and processing bases in Japan, Asia, Europe, and North America, and by completing final products in areas where the most suitable markets exist.
  • 2. Improve both the function and feel of our products, with foremost priority on developing environmentally friendly material.
  • 3. Improve our business by strengthening cost-competitiveness.

Core Products

Main Brands
  • Clarino Man-made leather
  • PARCASSIO Man-made leather
  • amaretta High-grade man-made leather
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